Angel & Mary Castellano

 Senior Pastors

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Pastor Angel Castellano was born September 23, 1978 in the city of Waterbury, Connecticut. His parents are Anibal and Lucy Castellano. From a very early age, Angel sought the face of God. At the age of 14, Angel went with his parents to the Dominican Republic. There, he had the opportunity to see how their parents were working in missionary Later on, he met his now wife, Maryfrances Caraballo, with whom he married on July 7 2007. Angel and Maryfrances have three children: Angel, Lucas and Esther.

Maryfrances and Angel and have been active in the ministry of the Smirna Misionera Church for several years. They have been leaders and youth pastors, not only locally but also, Angel served as youth leader at the sectional level in the state of Connecticut District of the Hispanic Assemblies of God. They have carried out the biblical teaching as teachers locally and also traveled to other countries carrying the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

On January 6, 2013 Angel was elected pastor of Smirna Misionera Church. Under Angel and Maryfrances’ leadership, the Church continues its progress in fulfilling the Great Commission; Experiencing the fulfillment of a prophetic word to the church a few years before emerging a glorious revival.

Angel and Maryfrances have received a promise from the Lord the church continues growing hand vision to the work and the promises given by the Lord, looking towards the goal and reaching souls for the Lord’s kingdom. Lets walk towards a new place; whether purchased or whether we have to build a house for the Lord. But God always will guide us on the road.

We continue our mission to be a light in this city and the world. Teaching the truth as the Lord demands from us for the Glory of God.

Smirna Misionera Church is experiencing great spiritual growth and the distribution of gifts and ministries; according to the will of the Holy Spirit.