Our Story

Smirna Misionera Church is affiliated with the Assemblies of God.
We are a Spanish and English speaking church. We have been preaching the word of God since its inception in 1972, where it started on Meadow Street in Waterbury, CT. We were located on Meadow Street for 2 years and then we moved to South Main Street, where we remained there for 17 years. We then moved to Cook Street for 2 years. We are now located on Central Avenue, and have been there for the past 29 years.
We are currently pastored by Reverend Angel and Maryfrances Castellano. They are driving Smirna Misionera in not only showing the love of God within our church but also to the community of the city of Waterbury. Our goal is to not only teach the true Word of God to our members but show the true love of God to others.
We would not be here today if it was not for one man, Wilson Acevedo, who chose to listen to the voice of God and drive to the state of Connecticut. To then be guided by the Spirit to come to the City of Waterbury, where he first raised up our church Smirna Misionera. So we thank not only Wilson Acevedo for obeying God but to every Pastor and leader that came before us to help pave the way to where Smirna Misonera has come to today.
So we would like to acknowledge every Pastor from the beginning who has paved the way for us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It is because of these men and women we were truly “Born in the Heart of God”.
The Pastors in front of this ministry are as follows:
Rev. Wilson and Carmen Acevedo pastored the church from 1972 – 1977
Rev. Juan and Adelaida Monell pastored the church from 1978 – 1984
Rev. Norman and Carmen Martinez pastored the church from 1984 – 1997
Rev. Anibal and Lucy Castellano pastored the church from 1997-2012
Rev. Angel and Maryfrances Castellano are currently pastoring our church since January 2013 to current.